The main research directions in 2010-2015

Research on history of pedagogy (in cooperation w ith ISCHE research network):

  1. Development of national education and educational institutions across centuries.
  2. Development of pedagogical ideas in the Baltic states: The European context.
  3. Development of pedagogy in information society: The European context.

Lifelong learning (in cooperation with the ASEM LLL Hub five research networks):

  1. Development of ICT skills, e-learning and the culture of e-learning in Lifelong Learning.
  2. Workplace Learning.
  3. Professionalisation of Adult Teachers and Educators.
  4. National lifelong learning strategies with regard to citizens' motivation and barriers to continuing education and training.
  5. Core Competences.

Educational treatment of diversity (in coopertion with EERA research network 11: Educational Improvement and Quality Assurance):

  1. Education quality and pedagogical leadership.
  2. Integration ways in heterogeneous society.
  3. Educational treatment of diversity in inclusive contexts.