PhD Theses defended in the sub-field of social pedagogy (2003-2015)

No. Author Theme Scientific supervisor The defence date
1. Māra Dirba Latvian identity: the pedagogical aspect Dr.habil.paed., prof. I.Žogla 07.01.2003.
2. Inta Tiļla Development of adolescents’ social culture competence within the second foreign language studies Dr.habil.paed., prof. I.Maslo 05.04.2004.
3. Žanneta Akopova Mentor’s help to teacher’s team in the implementation of bilingual education for minorities Dr.habil.paed., prof. I.Maslo 15.02.2005.
4. Liesma Ose Comparative analysis of the teachers’ pedagogical action in the elementary school classes in Latvian and minority schools Dr.habil.paed., prof. I.Maslo 05.01.2007.
5. Svetlana Surikova Organisation of microgroups’ activity for promoting pupils’ social competence Dr.habil.paed., prof. I.Maslo 11.12.2007.
6. Vita Roga Establishing the ecological competence of social pedagogues in rural community Dr. paed., prof. A.Vilciņa 20.05.2008.
7. Dita Nīmante Inclusive education of children with special and exceptional needs in Latvia: historical and contemporary context Dr.habil.paed., prof. I.Maslo 18.12.2008.
8. Dace Medne Family upbringing in the transformative society of Latvia Dr.habil.paed., prof. I.Maslo 01.07.2010.
9. Tamāra Pīgozne Youth participation in integration process in multicultural environment Dr.habil.paed., prof. I.Maslo 25.11.2010.
10. Līga Āboltiņa Reflective activity in supervision of social workers Dr. psych., prof. Lūcija Rutka 15.05.2012.
11. Nora Jansone Ratinika Father`s pedagogical competence in family nowadays Dr.paed., prof. Z.Rubene 18.04.2013.
12. Ineta Robiņa Well-beeing of elderly people in the integration as a participation process in the sodai care home Dr. habil.paed., prof. I.Maslo 16.05.2013.
13. Ženija Truskovska Social educator’s professional competence formation under supervision Dr.paed., prof. V.Ļubkina 19.12.2013.