PhD Theses defended in the sub-field of school pedagogy (2003-2015)

No. Author Theme Scientific supervisor The defence date
1. Dace Namsone Improvement of the didactic system in studying organic chemistry Dr.habil.paed., prof. A.Špona 07.01.2003.
2. Nils Sautiņš The formation of a harmonious personality in the educational process in a Christian school Dr.psych., I.Krūmiņa 11.03.2003.
3. Diāna Laiveniece Model of teaching-learning Latvian (as the native language) for teenage pupils Dr.habil.paed., prof. I.Žogla 31.08.2004.
4. Rudīte Hahele Students’ self-evaluation in biology studies Dr.habil.paed., prof. I.Maslo 22.03.2005.
5. Ineta Helmane Correlation between mathematical skills' acquisition and emotions of primary schoolchildren Dr.habil.paed., prof. A.Špona 07.11.2006.
6. Marina Marčenoka Music perception as a condition for students’ musical taste improvement Dr.habil.paed., prof. Z.Čehlova 24.01.2008.
7. Alexander Sokol Development of inventive thinking in language education Dr.habil.philol., prof. I.Kramiņa; Dr.habil.paed., prof. M.Sonntag 07.02.2008.
8. Linda Daniela Classroom discipline as manifestation of adolescents’ attitude to learning Dr.paed., prof. R.Andersone 07.04.2009.
9. Daiga Kalniņa Development of pupils’ inquiry skill in science at primary school (5th-6th class) Dr. habil. paed., prof. I.Žogla 24.12.2010.
10. Austra Avotiņa Development of secondary school student's cultural competence during history of culture studies Dr.habil.paed., prof. I.Žogla 05.04.2011.
11. Maija Kokare Organizational learning as a perspective of pedagogical process Dr.paed., prof. Z.Rubene 03.11.2011.
12. Gunta Siliņa-Jasjukeviča Regional traditional culture for local cultural identity in primary school Dr.paed., prof. Z.Anspoka 15.12.2011.
13. Spodra Austruma Values of young people in consumer society in Latvia Dr.phil., prof. V.Tēraudkalns 04.10.2012.
14. Anita Skalberga Formation of high-school student's literary competence Dr.paed., prof. R.Andersone 10.01.2012.
15. Ilze Šūmane Learning environment facilitating educational achievements of teenagers Dr.paed., prof. R.Andersone 15.05.2012.
16. Nataļja van Gejeka Students’ integrative collaboration in a vocational secondary school Dr.psych., prof. I.Kokina 09.05.2013.
17. Ilze Vilde Musicality development among primary school pupils in music studies Dr.paed., prof. Z.Anspoka 04.07.2013.
18. Andris Bērziņš Attitude development in ecological education among construction students of vocational school Dr.habil.paed., prof. I.Žogla 05.09.2013.
19. Jānis Poplavskis Acquisition of physics in secondary school in context of bionics Dr.paed. J.Dzerviniks 19.12.2013.
20. Andris Tomašūns Exploration of the personality and community relationship development correlation by problem-based learning in Latvia's history subject at school Dr.habil.paed., prof. A.Špona 16.01.2014.
21. Līga Āboltiņa 7-year-old children's social adjustment in the 1st grade of school Dr. habil.paed., prof. I.Žogla 19.06.2014.
22. Līga Danilāne The essence of consumer education in elementary school Dr.habil.paed., prof. I.Žogla 19.06.2014.