PhD Theses defended in the sub-field of pedagogy of higher education (2003-2015)

No. Author Theme Scientific supervisor The defence date
1. Ruth Lea Frankel School for residence practicum internship as a means of teacher training Dr.paed., doc. T.Kurilova 16.09.2003.
2. Edgars Kramiņš Development of students’ communicative competence while acquiring speech habits Dr.habil.paed., prof. A.Špona 11.01.2005.
3. Dzintra Grundmane The enhancement of learning experience in action research Dr.habil.paed., prof. T.Koķe 22.03.2005.
4. Vita Balama The development of the intercultural communication competence in the study process Dr.habil.paed., prof. I.Žogla 24.04.2007.
5. Anna Artamonova The development of students’ collaborative competence in foreign language studies at tertiary level Dr.habil.paed., prof. I.Kramiņa 25.09.2007.
6. Ineta Lūka Development of students’ ESP competence in tourism studies at tertiary level Dr. habil. paed., prof. I.Žogla 03.04.2008.
7. Gundega Lapiņa Pedagogical comprehension of innovation in university Dr.habil.paed., prof. T.Koķe 03.04.2008.
8. Ieva Margeviča Intercultural teacher education in multicultural society Dr.paed., prof. A.Medina Rivilla 17.06.2008.
9. Inga Odiņa Adaption of first year students to the college pedagogical environment Dr.habil.paed., prof. I.Žogla 29.06.2010.
10. Jekaterīna Kostina Perfection of the socio-professional competence of the prospective teachers of the popular and jazz music in the study process of the piano playing Dr.habil.paed., LSPA prof. N.Jaružnijs 21.09.2010.
11. Larisa Turuševa Professional competence of the head of external relations unit and its development in the study process Dr.habil.paed., prof. I.Žogla 21.09.2010.
12. Ina Gode Hypertext as a means for the improvement of students’ independent studies, while acquiring English for professional purposes Dr.paed., LLU prof. M.Kaltigina 25.11.2010.
13. Karine Oganisjana The development of students’ enterprise in study process Dr.habil.paed., prof. T.Koķe 02.12.2010.
14. Ilze Briška Development of student teachers’ professional values in artistic creativity Dr.phil., prof. V.Kincāns 24.12.2010.
15. Diāna Liepa Foreign language acquisition components integration in study process Dr.habil.paed., prof. T.Koķe 10.11.2011.
16. Inta Līsmane Development of the proficiency of the Latvian language for special medical purposes, the program for foreign students Dr. habil.paed., prof. Z.Čehlova 06.01.2011.
17. Sanita Madalāne The improvement of future teachers' research competence in an institution of higher education Dr.paed., prof. M.Marnauza 17.05.2011.
18. Jeļena Zaščerinska Development of students' communicative competence in English studies for academic purposes Dr.habil.paed., prof. I.Žogla 08.12.2011.
19. Ilmārs Kangro The development of students' mathematical thinking in the process of building their professional competence Dr.habil.paed., Dr.oec. prof. R.Garleja 11.01.2011.
20. Sanita Baranova Professional development of the University faculty in further education Dr.habil.paed., prof. T.Koķe 29.03.2012.
21. Gunārs Strods Promotion of students self-direction at cooperative learning in university Dr.habil.paed., prof. I.Maslo 26.01.2012.
22. Anna Stavicka Foreign language studies in the context of higher education internationalization Dr.paed., I.Odiņa 17.04.2015.
23. Evija Latkovska Self-assessment of student teachers’ pedagogical activity Dr.psych., prof. L.Rutka 23.04.2015.