PhD Theses defended in the sub-field of general pedagogy (2003-2015)

No. Author Theme Scientific supervisor The defence date
1. Nataļja Rogaļeva Characteristic features of the subject of learning activity at various levels of education Dr.paed., doc. T.Kurilova 15.04.2003.
2. Elīna Maslo Development of adolescents’ learning abilities within the Danish language studies Dr.habil.paed., prof. A.Špona 01.07.2003.
3. Ņina Linde The secondary school pupil's readiness for self-realisation and its development during the studies Dr.habil.paed., prof. Z.Čehlova 14.10.2003.
4. Zanda Rubene Research of the youth’s critical thinking in the study process at university Dr.paed., I.Ķestere 06.01.2004.
5. Alīda Zigmunde The pedagogical activity at the Riga Polytechnic and the Riga Polytechnic Institute from 1862 to 1919 Dr.paed., prof. A.Krūze 30.01.2007.
6. Mihails Čehlovs Humanitarian bases for the personality self-deter¬mination of senior secondary school students Dr.habil.paed., prof. T.Koķe 16.12.2008.
7. Inta Čamane Class teacher’s activity promoting teenager’s self-education Dr.habil.paed., prof. A.Špona 15.01.2009.
8. Elita Stikute Didactics of Latvian literature: historical experience Dr.paed., prof. D.Ausekle 29.06.2010.
9. Staņislava Mārsone Historical development of social education in Latvia (1920s-1930s) Dr.paed., vad.pētn. I.Ķestere 29.06.2010.
10. Aija Ingrīda Abens Effects of autoritarianism on the teaching of Latvian history Dr.paed., vad.pētn. I.Ķestere 16.12.2011.
11. Jeļena Vediščeva Basic education for minorities in Latvia (1918-1940) Dr.paed., prof. A.Krūze 31.03.2011.
12. Ērika Vugule Teachers' professional organizations activity in Latvia (1918-1940) Dr.paed., prof. A.Krūze 05.07.2011.
13. Olga Dementjeva Development of vocational secondary school students’ competitiveness for studies in the European area of higher education Dr. chem., prof. A.Rauhvargers 23.11.2012.
14. Aija Peršēvica Job satisfaction of secondary school teachers and correlation with quality of education Dr. chem., prof. A.Rauhvargers 07.02.2013.
15. Zane Āķīte Reflections of sociopolitical interests of Baltic Germans in Latvian teacher education in Vidzeme and Kurzeme (1802–1856) Dr.paed., prof. I.Ķestere 13.06.2013.
16. Iveta Ozola Genesis of pedagogy as a scientific discipline in Latvia from 1920s till the beginning of 1960s Dr.paed., prof. I.Ķestere 22.05.2014.
17. Ilze Dinka Reflection of child's image social transformations in the child's room Dr.paed., prof. Z.Rubene 17.04.2015.