PhD Theses defended in the sub-field of branch pedagogy (2003-2015)

No. Author Theme Scientific supervisor Sub-field of pedagogy The defence date
1. Nora Lūse Development of performing artist’s skills at higher education institution Dr.habil.paed., prof. A.Špona Branch (music) pedagogy 11.03.2003.
2. Dace Visnola Acquirement of traditional culture for future teachers in Art education Dr.habil.paed., prof. J.Anspaks Branch (art) pedagogy 20.05.2003.
3. Eitan Shelach Intervention in basketball coach’s course for educating coaches of youth teams toward "positive coaching" Dr.habil.paed., prof. T.Koķe Branch (sport) pedagogy 16.09.2003.
4. Anna Līduma Pedagogical aspect of musicality development in children of pre-school age Dr.habil.paed., prof. A.Špona Branch (music) pedagogy 15.06.2004.
5. Ligita Stramkale The unity of art ideas within the content of teaching music in a comprehensive school Dr.habil.paed., prof. J.Anspaks Branch (music) pedagogy 15.06.2004.
6. Sarmīte Tūbele Diagnostics and correction possibilities of speech and language disorders of junior grade students Dr.habil.paed., prof. A.Kopeloviča Branch (special) pedagogy 19.12.2006.
7. Rita Spalva Dance composition skills' development in students’ artistic activities Dr.habil.paed., prof. Z.Čehlova Branch (dance) pedagogy 30.01.2007.
8. Laima Geikina Life-affirming attitude in Christian education in the primary school Dr.psych., prof. M.Vidnere Branch (religion) pedagogy 11.12.2007.
9. Andra Fernāte Transdisciplinary approach to physical literacy research Dr.habil.paed., prof. T.Koķe, Dr.paed., prof. J.Grants Branch (sport) pedagogy 10.04.2008.
10. Aurika Gulbe Methodological culture in an emerging piano teacher's activity, Dr.paed., prof. T.Bogdanova Branch (music) pedagogy 05.03.2009.
11. Tālis Gžibovskis The development of young people’s abilities in learning to play percussion instruments Dr.paed., prof. M.Marnauza Branch (music) pedagogy 02.07.2009.
12. Inga Bērziņa Development of cooperation skills in the process of studying jazz singing Dr.paed., prof. M.Marnauza Branch (music) pedagogy 01.07.2010.
13. Guntars Bernāts The historical development of Latvian school of symphony orchestra conducting in the context of musical culture Dr.paed., prof. A.Krūze Branch (music) pedagogy 17.05.2011.
14. Manuel Joaquin Fernandez Gonzalez Integration of performer and teacher identities through performance students’ pedagogical activity Dr.habil.paed., prof. I.Maslo Branch (music) pedagogy 03.07.2012.
15. Larisa Maļkova Mastering piano playing by learners in the context of the axiological approach, Dr.paed., prof. T.Bogdanova Branch (music) pedagogy 04.10.2012.
16. Ilga Prudņikova The development of practical activities experience for pupils with moderate and severe intellectual disabilities at special primary boarding school Dr.paed., prof. E.Černova Branch (special) pedagogy 29.06.2012.
17. Margarita Puķīte Formation of medical students’ pedagogical competences in the study process Dr.psych., prof. L.Rutka Branch (medicine) pedagogy 15.05.2012.
18. Svetlana Ušča Development of communicative competence of adolescents with language disorders in a basic boarding school Dr.paed., prof. V.Ļubkina Branch (special) pedagogy 29.06.2012.
19. Daiga Kalēja-Gasparoviča Facilitation of students' creativity in the studies of visual arts Dr.habil.paed., prof. A.Špona Branch (art) pedagogy 10.01.2012.
20. Laimrota Kriumane The building of a music teacher's emotional competence in the process of studying in higher education Dr.paed., prof. M.Marnauza Branch (music) pedagogy 21.02.2013.
21. Inamora Zaiceva Bilingual method for acquisition of the sign language and the spoken/written language for hearing-impaired children Dr.psych., doc. L. Brokāne; Dr.paed., doc. R. Vīgante Branch (special) pedagogy 27.06.2013.
22. Zigmunds Žukovskis Development of students' sonoric thinking in the study process of guitar playing Dr.paed., prof. M.Marnauza Branch (music) pedagogy 28.05.2015.