PhD Theses defended in the sub-field of adult pedagogy (2003-2015)

No. Author Theme Scientific supervisor The defence date
1. Indra Odiņa Intercultural teacher education in multicultural society Dr.habil.paed., prof. D.Blūma 28.12.2004.
2. Monica Schellenberg The building project as a learning location – a qualitative case study of learning from disturbance Dr.habil., doc. H.J. Buggenhagens 30.01.2007.
3. Ilze Norvele Adult learning strategies in distance studies Dr.habil.paed., prof. T.Koķe 05.03.2007.
4. Rita Birziņa Humanistic approach within the study of adults’ computer literacy Dr.habil.paed., prof. T.Koķe 24.01.2008.
5. Ingrīda Muraškovska Research of adults' lifelong learning Dr.habil.paed., prof. T.Koķe 23.05.2013.
6. Ērika Pičukāne Possibilities of applying continuing education for work with third-country nationals Dr.habil.paed., prof. I.Maslo 13.02.2014.
7. Ludmila Babajeva Adults’ personal development in the folk high school Dr.habil.paed., prof. T.Koķe 26.06.2014.
8. Dmitrijs Kuļšs The learning outcomes approach in formal second chance education Dr.habil.paed., prof. I.Maslo 19.03.2015.